#BITCHPLEASE came to life when destiny brought together two slightly disturbed ladies as roomies in a mansion in Antwerp city.

Triggered by each others creativity and driven by the same professional level of irony and self-relativism,

designer Anouk and self-invented copywriter Sigie decided to refrain from pleasing the world

and switch to doing their own absurd thing instead.




Anouk Taeymans

Anouk graduated as a civil engineer-architect in 2010.

After working as an architect in Norway for a couple of years,

she returns to Belgium to establish her own design label byANOUK. 


Place called home: Antwerp

Bitch type: Creative Bitch




Sigie Jacobs

Sigie graduated as a clinical psychologist

and works as a freelance clinical research specialist.

She has a passion for perfectly chosen words

and well-written sentences. 


Place called home: Antwerp

Bitch type: Funny Bitch